Saturday, May 4, 2013

Merge Success

May 4, 2013

Data update completed for this week.

It appears that the sector merge between Seyfert (20) and Aquila (32) to create Serene Valley Nebula (180) has been successful.  The map is not currently available in the new sector yet this puts my mind as ease so when sector merges come to your sector you can assemble your new team before the map war begins.

With 2 sets of data in for Auriga SaltandPepper (179) we are seeing that Mayhem has jumped in front of the pack with an impressive 3.4k levels gained this week.

Where is all this data coming from?

To answer that you can check out a short blog that I wrote explaining how I am working with the Edgeworld API.

Player Tip for this week:

Boosting on PVE (factions) can yeiled higher levels gained in a timed boost because you are limited to 2 levles up per attack.  Lower XP but faster attacks result in more levels gained.

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