Saturday, July 13, 2013

My alliance is the BEST !

July 14, 2013

Well if you think you have a good alliance compare yourself with any other alliance in Edgeworld with GamerProgress' new Alliance Comparison tool.

You will also see some new icons on the leaderboard indicating which colonies each player owns.  I will try and work this information into other places of GamerProgress.  This update is thanks to JTG who requested it and FidoFuz for helping me find where the data was stored.

This week has also seen the development of a new navigation for the main parts of the site.  I hope this makes the site easier to walk through. I also increased the number of players whom I downloaded the force values for.  I am hoping that I am capturing most of the players now who are in the top 40 alliances of each sector.

Thanks for stopping by.

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