Saturday, August 3, 2013

Levels and Maps

August 3, 2013

This week Edgeworld had a few major shake ups and the data is up to date as best as I can.

To start things off we saw an update error that caused the 2 level max increase on a single attack disappear.  The data definitely show a larger increase in level gains then what we are used to.  The level cap was fixed about 18-20hrs after it broke so this dramatic increase in levels was the result of a very short time period. This error also caused a number of people to receive short term suspensions. To understand the impact, in previous weeks a player or two would exceed the 10k levels in the week.  A few times we saw a top level gainer get 17k or so levels.  This week we almost 80 players exceed 10k levels and the top level gainer was more than 40k.  Just imagine if this glitch was longer than 20ish hours.

Then to keep things moving this week kabam, with out any warning, decided to make a major change to the map play.  The most significant of these changes was a reduction in the upper base count and alliance was able to hold.  This was reduced from 25k to 10k allowing more alliances to share the map space.  Other changes include:
  • Max map node is now 50k
  • Map nodes are no longer just Maar as they have mixed in the other faction
  • The upper level nodes now match faction bases making attacking nodes much more interesting
  • The resource requirements to move are extremely high (I am expecting a storage depot buff soon)
  • Map score doesn't double at base cap
  • Map nodes can now count towards score more then just 2k so score can and will be higher
While I am in agreement with many of these map changes, I would have much preferred a bit of notice.  With the inability to move player bases it made things very difficult to position your alliance in a strong map location as many of your players where everywhere especially for large alliances.  Larger and stronger alliance fought to get the map space they wanted.  After the update they just had to sit an watch to see what there enemies would leave them. So kabam, nice update to the map but would it have killed you to let us know? A 24 hour notice of a 15k base reduction in cap would have made a huge difference in what transpired in the last 24 hours.

There also seems to be something strange with the 72 hour cool down timer as a few players in my sector have been locked out of any alliance for the 72 hours.  I assume that other sectors have had this problem as well.  Since  downloads the top 40 alliances some of these players have been missed during this download.  So it could take a week or two to get everyone sorted out again.

The changes to the map and these new rules on alliance cool down have  made some serious shifts in the landscape of my sector and I assume in many others as well.

I almost forgot that a new sector Genesis II opened up this week. Starting the game now with all these new features must be overwhelming but we will watch as the sector grows.

Well that has been this week.

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