Saturday, July 12, 2014

The 62nd consecutive download

July 12, 2014

GamerProgress has now been online for more than 62 weeks and I have started to notice a very steady decline in page views over the last few weeks.  I am wondering if that has any correspondence to the activity in Edgeworld itself.  Last year at this time I had 36 000 page views in the previous week compare that to only 10 000 page views last week.  This is also despite the fact that we now have 69 active sectors.  I guess Kabam knows the numbers better than I do but I would state that Edgeworld may be in a bit of decline.

Data download is complete again for this week.  I appreciate everyone's support, remember to share this site with your alliance and all the players in your new sectors.  I would appreciate a couple of dollars from each of you if you like my work and want to support me, check out the Support page for more information.


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