Friday, October 3, 2014

Update Oct 3, 2014

What you can expect in the next few days:
Updated data
a small redesign of the web site (centering, changed menu structure, graphs for alliance data, and a change in the horizontal scale on the graphs to Date oriented rather than upload sequence orientation)

What we still need to do:
optimize the database
automate the upload so that it happens weekly, no matter what (i.e. doesn't depend on me waking up early Sunday morning to do it manually)
add in new features like:
  statistical analysis on player and alliance information
  player comparison
  alliance history

We are considering the following (completely open for more suggestions):
  creating a 'track your alliance page specifically for alliance leaders"
  we're trying to figure out how to track tournaments (not saying we can, but we are investigating this)
  sector wide analysis and sector comparisons with graphs
  predictive analysis on player levels, force, alliances, and sectors

As always, we are open to suggestions


P.S. Donations are welcome!

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