Saturday, March 15, 2014

A few bugs and the definition of 'INT'

March 15, 2014

So I am working on some efficiency updates on the site and I learned of a small error that I made in the database design. I set the force fields as a INT field, which turns out has a maximum value of 2,147,483,647. You may have noticed that Rab 750k+, Omegas, Lord Balrog, g47, "NEMESIS", bigga1, and MOST HATED have had force values that froze at 2,147,483,647.  I have just finished the download but notice that some of the top guys are tied again on force so I am looking into it again.  I checked out g47 and "NEMESIS" in game and maybe this time it is a Kabam problem and not mine.  If anyone else has more information on this please let me know.

You can see a few updated to GamerProgress including the new twitter account and the video page.  My plan is to share cool Edgeworld related videos and keep people informed about new content via twitter.  I also have brought back the ads to generate a bit of revenue.

Thanks for visiting the site, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to get in touch.

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