Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ok looks like you win

March 8, 2014

This was supposed to be my last data download for GamerProgress.  I was supposed to finish the download and then finally walk away from this project.  However, I received so many emails and support from the Edgeworld Community I have decided to put in more effort on the site.  Right now my biggest problem is downloading the data.  It is a hack of a process and it takes me anywhere from 45min to 4hrs every Saturday morning.  I'd like to ask the EW community, how many of you would have kept that up for a year?  I am currently working with another dedicated EW player and we are trying to develop a more consistent and reliable method for downloading data from Kabam. GamerProgress has downloaded 4,180,492 player records over 48 weeks.

I have decided to renew my domain name and my hosting package for another 12 months and I am hoping that we can be successful on getting a better method for downloading the data.  I can't promise that I will make it another year, especially if I have to keep using my current download method, but I am going to give it a good shot.  I have reinstated the link requesting donation support for my work and I would appreciate even a few dollars from each player if you find my work helpful.  I will also be reinstating the advertisements on the site.  Many of the emails that I received over the last week suggested that I put the site behind a pay wall to give those willing to pay a higher advantage.  While this idea does make sense I would like to avoid doing so.  Kabam offers too much of an advantage to those with the ability to pay so I would like to keep the site free.

Thanks for your support and a reminder that if you want to participate in the conversation head over to and you can comment / discuss any of the posts that I have made.

Oh and I almost forgot, the download is complete for this week.


  1. Great news. Keep up the great work, and hope you find a better (and less tedious) way.

  2. Still working on it but I am finding a bunch of efficiency with the data display and GamerProgress pages. Lots of fun.

  3. I'd be interested in understanding what and how you are downloading - I'm sure there are alternatives.

  4. I believe there was a YouTube link to how he goes about this. It's on one of his posts... somewhere. Haha.

  5. Here is a few blog posts and youtube videos that I wrote about the data download process. I will have to update it once I find a better way. Any advice or ideas very welcome.