Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23, 2015

May I have everyone's attention please, especially Alliance Leaders in all Sectors:

We have been experimenting with getting additional raw data to perform additional statistics. In particular, we are trying to collect more information about the "MAP", battles, and tournaments.

To this end, we have created an alliance in every sector called "GamerProgress". This alliance has only one member - me! I will NOT accept anyone else into this alliance. This alliance is peaceful and will not attack anyone.

I have no intention of attacking anybody. I have no intention of playing in the map, or in tournaments.

I would appreciate it if when I do have a base in a sector (so far all I have been doing is to take an empty base when other alliances have decided to ghost the map) that you allow this base to continue and do not attack it and wipe it off the map.

The coordinates of this base are {154,108}. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK ME!

Alliance Leaders => you can expect me to request that you allow me to take one base for this research. I will typically ask one of the stronger alliances in each sector so that I have some small assurance that this one base is not a casualty of some petty war in the sector.

One of the experiments that we are running is to see how high (levels and force) we can get one of our bases. This base is in the "Joehnk Galaxy". The reason for this is to show everyone that you can level up incredibly high and fast with a little luck. By logging into this sector, we won 1000 Incineraptors. This allowed us to win all the prizes in the current tournament, which then cascaded.

At the moment, this alliance "GamerProgress" in the sector "Joehnk Gallaxy" has a base level of 4791 and a force score of 10,690,764. However, our inventory has so many troops that I would have to pay 2 people to click everything we have won.

If this experiement goes well, we may have additional insight into map play, tournaments, and other aspects of the game.

Fight hard, fight well!

Yours in EW

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