Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015

Game statistics updated. I delayed till this morning so that we would have a snapshot close to the "5 hour shutdown". I just seemed like a good idea

Anyway, we've found another bug - this one affect my account and anyone else who is in an alliance with a long name or has a long player name
I was going to post a message about my game stats since I attempted to get a base in every sector, but with the above bug, my stats are all smooshed!

We're still trying to re-engineer the API to get better data, particularly about tournaments. I did put in a request for access to the API, but apparently that request went into a black hole somewhere. Maybe I'll have better luck with RockYou :-? , maybe, but i doubt it. I'll be surprised if I still get to pull down the data I am pulling down now once RockYou takes over.

Yours in EW

P.S. Thanks to all the leaders who responded positively to my request to take and keep a base. Thumbs down to all the idiots who blast me off the map (I'm talking all you 500K+ players attacking a level < 100 player). I did get one base up to about 32K in the last two weeks.

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