Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

I thought I would take this moment to update everyone on GamerProgress's progress in the game.

As you may remember, I decided to create an alliance in every sector and to establish a map base. For the most part this has gone reasonably well, but there are still some sectors that I have not grown big enough to take a map base. I have received quite a few offers to join other alliances to which I have had to, unfortunately, decline. Since the purpose of having a map base is to garner additional information and I wish to keep as independent as possible, I have to remain in my own isolated alliance.

In some sectors I have been kindly surrounded by friendly forces who are protecting me and allowing me to grow unhindered. In other sectors I get attacked all the time :-)

I do not always manage to play this account on a daily basis - simply logging in and collecting the daily reward and attempting to build the base takes over 2 hours. Tournaments are typically out of reach as they take far too much time - especially with the constant clicking that is necessary to win anything. Please RockYou - fix this!

Here are some summary statistics for the 3 months that I have joined each sector:

Average Level: 13,820
Average Force: 30,169,736
Average Level Growth %: 2.8
Average Force Growth %: 1.5

Highest Base Level: 110,784
Lowest Base Level: 112

I have spent absolutely no real money for this account, and I have not won any platinum in the game. If anyone wants to gift me platinum in a sector where I have a very low base, that would be very much appreciated.

So, even without spending platinum, you can get over 100K in three months.

Happy Gaming

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