Saturday, October 12, 2013

More Alliances and More Force Downloaded

October 12, 2013

First off I would like wish all the Canadians out there a Happy Thanksgiving!  The data download for this week is complete.  I have increased the number of alliances downloaded to 60 per sector and I have increase the number of players that I am downloading life time fore to about page 60 of the lifetime force leader board.  I hope that this change captures most of the active players in the game.  However, I still need you to be in an alliance on Saturday morning (approximately 7:00am-9:00am EST) in order for your data to be included.

GamerProgress Stats

According to Google Analytics had 1492 unique visitors last week who combined for a total of 26 902 page views.  The average time on the site is 8:19. Thanks for checking out the site please take a look at the Support page to learn how you can help me keep this site online.

Good luck and happy hunting everyone.

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